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Don't let this happen to you! Call If Bob would have called Tri-County first, he could have prevented electrocution!
If Bob would have called Tri-County first he could have prevented this accident!
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Tri-County Locators is a privately owned Underground Utilities Locating Service that locates privately owned lines. We have over 6years experience in locating underground utilities. Utility companies only mark up to a certain point, (usually only to the meters). It is the responsibility of the property owner or business to have these lines identified or marked out for any excavator if asked, to prevent damage to an underground line. Underground lines could cost hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars to have repaired. Tri-County locates lines with high tech equipment that sends a signal thru the line, and picking the signal up with a receiver. Some underground lines can not have a signal sent thru them and are located by other methods available by
Tri-County Locators.


Tri-County Locators
617 Cushing Street
Dixon, Illinois 61021

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